Your umbrella can be as unique as your brand itself. Use our umbrellas like business cards to bring across your company or brand message. We are capable of printing all over the umbrella canopy, so that every inch of the panels can be covered with your logo or image. You can give your brand umbrella that special something with our creative finishing options as well as a choice of classical elements. If you wish, we could also design and manufacture an exclusive series of umbrellas for you as a one-off production.

Silk-screen printing/ Digital printing

Transfer printing

Embossed printing

Custom products








Full - coverage printing

Your desired motif will be printed in high resolution all over the canopy of the umbrella. Our digital printing technique allows for high levels of detail in photo quality at no additional tooling costs.

Panel printing

Upon your wish, your motif images as well as advertising messages can be printed on individual panels of the canopy by digital printing.


Motif umbrellas

Pictures speak more than a thousand words. Photographs carry stories, emotions, and memories and are therefore ideally suited to be your umbrella’s motif. We use individual photographs, collages, watercolors or 360° panoramas in high resolution and can print the image on individual panels of the umbrella or cover the whole canopy fully, depending on your wish for the design.


We will gladly customize the design of your Motif Umbrella for you. Our service includes a professional photoshoot on location. We can also work with existing images you supply.

360° panoramas

high-quality, highly detailed panoramic shots of landmarks

photographic motifs

images of impressive sights covering the whole canopy


customized illustrations and photo montages


colorful renditions of popular landmarks of your city or region

Promotional Labeling

Printing on individual panels


Closing band

handle with doming option

crooked handle with doming option

Laser engraving