The City Ambassador

panocity proudly presents the City Ambassador, an exclusive city-marketing product that highlights your emotional connection to your city or region. Printed with a 360° motif image of city landmarks, this umbrella is marked by a high recognition factor and serves well as a souvenir that identifies with your hometown. An everyday item, this umbrella can be carried on every excursion and every trip – as the ideal City Ambassador.

Attention to Detail

Our high-quality glass fiber frame is stable in strong winds and ensures durability, while the wide fastening strip offers a spacious canvas for your advertising message.


As unique as your city

We create high-resolution, highly detailed panoramic images of your city’s or region’s landmarks. Our photographers will shoot the most breathtaking landmarks before developing your ideal City Ambassador together with our design team.

individualized & effective

Alternatively, we will be glad to use existing images from your photo archive to create your motif image. The technique of merging individual images into one complete image without any transitions is one of our core competencies.

Promotional Labeling

Printing on individual panels


Closing band

Handle with doming option