The Stadium Umbrella

With the Stadium Umbrella, panocity has created an exclusive product for sports clubs everywhere. The stadium is where triumphs are celebrated and losses are mourned – a place of pure emotion and passion. Our 360° panoramic shots of your stadium will preserve these emotional moments, making sure that even in everyday life, fans can always carry their club with them in the form of the Stadium Umbrella. We have turned an everyday item into a unique piece of fan merchandise.

Attention to Detail

Our high-quality glass fiber frame is stable in strong winds and ensures durability, while the wide fastening strip offers a spacious canvas for your brand communication. The double-layered cover fabric ensures that the umbrella looks good even from the outside.


My club to go

We will shoot a 360° panorama image of your stadium right in the middle of the action as your motif image. Whether it is a league game or a big match, our photographers will capture the perfect moment and record it down visually for fans and the club alike. These unforgettable shots make the Stadium Umbrella something truly unique. The panorama image can be shot from the center circle or the stands depending on your wish.

Promotional Labelling

Printing on individual panels


Closing band

Handle with doming option